There are many misconceptions about addiction. What exactly is addiction? It is a common belief that a person who is constantly drinking and smoking is addicted. It changes the way you look at that person. There are many misconceptions about the word addiction. Let’s find out the facts.

‘I am addicted to alcohol, I can’t live without drinking alcohol at least once a day’, is the dialogue heard from everyone who is addicted to alcohol. Because the same definitions of addiction are prevalent. These are the perceptions related to addiction for many years. In addition, viewers blindly imitate the scenes shown on TV. There are many misconceptions about the meaning or definition of the word addiction.

Misconception – Alcohol addicts consume alcohol every day.

Fact – We believe that people who are addicted to alcohol consume it all day or every day. We understand that this addiction affects their career, their relationship. But there are some smart ones too. Many alcoholics have a playful atmosphere at home every day. Not only this, they are also making progress in their careers. These churches are also good at hiding their habit. But these are the signs that these people are facing some kind of problem. They need to recover in time.

Misconception – Addiction can be Overcame easily on my own.

Fact – Not only willpower but also medication, therapy and the constant support of relatives are needed.

Misconception – A person who has been treated at a de-addiction center is less likely to recover if they return to it.

Fact – A person is more likely to become addicted again within a few weeks or months of receiving treatment. But it is wrong to argue that she can never get out of it again.

There are many misconceptions about this type of addiction, but if your loved ones are going the wrong way, it is your responsibility to take care of them.

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